Ear Mites in Humans

Ear mites are very irritating little pests that is capable of infecting the ears of your dogs, cats, rabbits, and other similar pets. They are the number one cause of ear infections that occur in these animals. However, you may feel safe by thinking that only your dog or cat is capable of catching ear mites, be careful as there is such a thing as ear mites in humans.

Contrary to Popular Belief

Many say that ear mites in humans is somewhat ridiculous. Others say that it is impossible. However though, such statements are wrong as there is still a chance that humans can in fact, get their ears infected with these dreaded ear mites. Lucky for you, the chances of humans getting ear mites are relatively low but don’t ignore this just yet. There are generally two ways wherein a human can get infested with ear mites. First is by sleeping next to their pets which allows the mites to crawl from the pet’s ears to yours. Second is by getting them from another human who is suffering from infestation as well.

Prevention is Important

If you don’t want the burden of having to go through the treatment procedures, then it is highly recommended that you take the necessary measures in order to prevent yourself from catching an infestation in the first place. Refrain from sleeping next to your pets even if they don’t have an infestation on the first place. Another would be to prevent your pet from having it in the first place if you truly wish to have your pets sleep beside you. Maintain your pet’s hygiene by shampooing and bathing it more often as well as keeping it away from other animals with ear mites.


If prevention is no longer an option then you should know that treatment is something you have to do very soon. Ear mites in humans cause the same devastation they do on pets which means you will have to suffer the same intense irritation and risk of going deaf if you ignore this. Just imagine having bugs crawl around your ears, it is obviously very irritating and can even be maddening. To treat yourself, you have a wide variety of choices. But the most important thing is that you should not put any pesticide in your ears at all as these could do more bad than good. Instead, the safest way to kill these mites is by using corn oil, mineral oil, almond oil, and yellow dock root extract. Each of these provide their own ways of combating ear mites and are very effective if the infestation is not yet that serious. However though, it is still highly recommended that you consult a doctor to receive the best treatment possible.

An ear mite in humans is not a myth. Just because something is rare doesn’t mean it does not happen. Make sure to treat yourself of ear mites as soon as possible if you get infested as this will definitely save you from the different hassles and pains ear mites in humans are capable of causing.


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